Throw & Grow Native Irish Seed Bomb Recipe Includes 34 Native Irish Wildflower Species, many of which are in decline, some are endangered, some classed as extinct! All are selected with care and purpose, to FEED the native wild life of Ireland and create environmental biodiversity and balance.

From tiny clay balls full of organic wildflower seeds to beautiful blooms to feed nature’s wildlife. With Seed Bombs it’s so easy to grow a gorgeous garden cheaply. Put them onto watered bare earth, cover them lightly with soil to stop them drying out or anyone moving them and add water. Leave them to nature, but in the absence of rainfall give them some water, they need water to germinate and in time your garden will be so stocked full of plants. You can to gift them to friends and family and spread the Love for nature.
No tools needed or fiddling with packets of seeds to create an amazing display that will flower through the Summer months and into Autumn.
There are over 27 organic wildflower species all wrapped up in Irish clay that offer rich medicinal nectar and pollen for Irish Bees and Pollinators which are in serious decline and in need of habitat and food to bring their numbers back into balance.
Seed Bombs include annual wildflowers which flower in their first growing year, following are biennials and perennial wildflowers. The annuals will drop seeds and grow new plants each year. You just keep spreading the seeds.
Sadly organic pesticide free plants are unavailable in our stores so these are truly priceless in what they offer nature. Pesticide free flowers cleanse our air, soil and water too this is not something that store bought plants offer, they only add to the degradation of our elements.
Seeding Ireland with healing seeds for the benefit of all life.